Single Hung

Single hung windows Fairfax VA offer the homeowner value and functionality without sacrificing the esthetic beauty of the window. Its operating lower sash tilts in for easy cleaning while the stationary top sash still gives the appearance of the more expensive double hung window.

Double Hung

Tradition starts with one of the most popular choices for homes across North America…Double Hung windows Fairfax VA. These windows are a perfect combination of form and function. A spring-loaded balance system makes the sashes easy to raise and lower, as well as tilt in for easy cleaning. This window has become a top performer with all of its features.

Picture Window

Picture window: A large, fixed window framed so that it is usually, but not always, longer horizontally than vertically to provide a panoramic view.

Casement Window

A popular style today. It features a single sash that’s hinged on either side and opens using a crank handle. This style offers maximum ventilation.

Sliding Doors

Patio Doors offer you real design flexibility and value. Create perfect combinations by adding sidelites and transoms. You can depend on long-lasting performance with features engineered for decades of durability as well as stay comfortable with advanced features that beat industry performance standards for air and water infiltration and meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines everywhere.

Signs You Need Windows Replacement in Chantilly, Fairfax VA

The average lifespan for residential windows is about 15 to 30 years. After about two decades, windows typically show signs of wear. Some of the following signs may indicate it is time to consider replacing your windows:

  • Cold drafts from closed windows
  • Condensation between the glass panes
  • Warped, cracked, or rotted window frames
  • Difficulty opening and closing the window

A constant draft from a closed window often means that the seals are damaged. The drafts may even make heating your home difficult in the wintertime. Worn seals may also allow condensation to form between the glass panes.

Water damage and other issues may gradually cause warping, cracking, and rotting. If the frame around the window becomes damaged, you further limit the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.

Older windows may also become difficult to open and close. An inoperable window may create a safety risk and is likely to have wear and tear that leads to more drafts and condensation.

Along with signs of old age, you may simply want to replace your windows to give your home a new look. New windows add value to your property and boost its curb appeal.

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