The exterior trim is just as important as the choice of siding in completing the finished look of your home. At Evergreen we take pride in our work and offer two types of trim for our customers, custom wrapping and prefabricated designer trim.

Custom Wrapping

Evergreen’s crews are among the best in the industry when it comes to custom wrapping your home. Nothing protects your home’s exterior wood and accents your home like custom bent aluminum coil. This type of work is not offered by all companies, and for good reason. It takes highly skilled crews to perform this work, giving your home showplace status on your block.

Maintaining the exposed wood on a home’s exterior can be very costly and time consuming. The professionals at Evergreen Contractors can custom wrap nearly any wood surface with aluminum or PVC coated aluminum coil, insuring that your home’s exterior wood is protected from rotting and recurring maintenance.

Let the professionals at Evergreen examine your home’s existing exterior wood, replace any rotting wood, and custom wrap your home for a superior look that will last a lifetime. Whether it is a window or door casing, sofit and rake boards, or corner posts and columns, custom trim wrapping is a superb choice in preserving the beauty and long-term value of your home.

Designer Trim

For every corner, window, door, or gable there is a multitude of ready to install designer accessories on the market to choose from. Whether it’s form or function you are looking for, the professional staff at Evergreen will assist you in selecting products to match your needs.

Designer Trim adds a finishing touch that complements any architectural style. And because Designer Trim is made from durable vinyl, it will never rot, crack, split or peel.

Shutters add a subtle, yet distinctive look that will complete the appearance of your home. They are made of a special copolymer for maximum durability, years of low-maintenance beauty, and are available in many styles and colors to choose from.

Accent Panels add a touch of charm to the peaks, gables and windows of your home.

Door Surround Systems can transform the doorways of your home into memorable, custom entrances that catch the eye with unique architectural style.