As any owner of vinyl windows, siding, or railing can attest, vinyl continues to look like new year after year, under all conditions, with virtually no maintenance. That means all the weekends you’ve spent peeling paint, re-staining or repairing your old wooden railings are things of the past.

Spindles and Pickets

You can choose from spindles or pickets for either a traditional or modern look. Our spindles are designed to replicate the look of a wooden spindle sculptured according to tradition. Our square pickets are the ideal compliment to most modern homes

A Selection of Railings

Our selection of railings gives you a range of options when planning your project. 2″ x 4″ railings are a popular choice, offering simple yet elegant appeal. Contoured T-railings offer a more stable gripping surface, and combine perfectly with our spindles for a truly traditional look. There’s also the more visually dominating 3″ x 3″ square railing, which offers a larger railing surface. And finally there’s our sculptured railing, which, when combined with either spindles or pickets, provides true elegance and style for any application.

Bracketed or Routed

We offer two fastening options with most of our railing systems. The first allows you to sleeve vinyl posts over wooden posts and use brackets to attach the railing sections. The other uses metal posts that attach directly to the substructure that are then sleeved over with pre-routed vinyl posts, which the railing sections simply slide into.